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Recently while on charter in the Southern Bahamas there was the super moon! This picture was of the moon in the penultimate evening of the super moon, twas a clear and dreamy sky. We could not help but dance in the Bahamian moonlight!


"Dancing in the Moonlight" is a song written and originally recorded by the French-American rock group King Harvest. It was released as a single in 1972 and reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1994 the Baha Men released the song as a single, but it failed to chart. Their version was later used in the movie Fat Albert. In 1994 Baha Men music was also featured in the movie My Father the Hero. The movie was mostly filmed on Paradise Island with a purpose built set on Cabbage Beach.

"André Arnel (Gérard Depardieu), a Frenchman divorced from his wife, takes his teenage daughter, Nicole (Katherine Heigl), on vacation with him to The Bahamas. She is desperate to appear as a woman and not a girl, so in order to impress a local boy Ben (Dalton James), she makes up more and more ridiculous stories, starting with André being her lover and leading to some bizarre assumptions by the rest of the community."


The film featured music and appearances by the Baha Men. The group's songs create the movie's island soundtrack.
"Back to the Island"
"Mo' Junkanoo"
"Gin and Coconut Water (Traditional)"
"Land of the Sea and Sun"
"Oh, Father"
"Island Boy"

During the summer of 2000, one of the most familiar, yet unanswered questions, “Who Let the Dogs Out”, launched one of the most beloved bands, the Baha Men, into our hearts and homes. Their pulsating Island rhythms seemed to appeal to everyone, as “Who Let the Dogs Out” immediately rose to the top of the charts throughout the world. They were a band long before this moment, but as Rolling Stone Magazine declared, “After 20 years, the Baha Men are an overnight success.”

Yacht Sweet Escape has a huge library of films that feature The Bahamas. Be sure to ask for recommendations as the list is extensive! You may want to dance in the moonlight every night while on charter, with an amazing audio system onboard you can find your groove.

APRIL 2019