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Flyboard on Sweet Escape for an exhilarating adventure

For an exhilarating hydroflyer watersport adventure Motoryacht Sweet Escape’s Flyboard® is unparalleled. From teens to adults, and from novices to experts, the Flyboard® gets everyone to feel like they’re flying from the beginning, providing a unique adrenaline rush.

While the Flyboard® is simple enough to learn on the first ride and offers excellent control and maneuverability features, Yacht Sweet Escape takes special care to train its crew in the use and operation of the Flyboard®. This full-day training ensures the crew practice maximum safety, understand how to check equipment and perform basic maneuvers such as fly, spin and dive. The training also allows the crew to understand various setups that can be customized according to each guest’s skill level and personal preferences, and it teaches basic troubleshooting, maintenance and storage technical skills.

Rush Bragg (Professional Athlete and Master Instructor from Flyboard Boca) has been successfully training the Sweet Escape crew as well as providing equipment updates whenever necessary, such as recent new helmets that are set up so that Flyboard® riders can talk to Jet Ski drivers, providing an improved client experience. Having a professional background means that Rush understands the exhilaration that comes from going high up in the air from 5–10 feet for a beginner to 60–70 feet for experienced flyers, while practicing strict safety standards which are paramount when he is teaching the crew not just how to fly themselves, but how to teach guests to fly.

For details on a Commercial Instructor Flyboard Training Course, we totally recommend Rush:
Rush Bragg • Master Instructor • Zapata Racing USA • +1 (561) 633-0310