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Play a game of yacht golf onboard Motoryacht Sweet Escape

Yacht Sweet Escape is proud to offer charter guests the opportunity to play a little golf while onboard thanks to our use of Eco Golf Balls which can be hit from the aft deck out into the sea.

In 1991 the MARPOL V Treaty was signed banning the practice of hitting plastic golf balls into the sea, due to the fact that plastic balls would never degrade.

The Eco Golf Ball was developed in 1997 to help ship passengers continue the pasttime of hitting golf balls off the fantails of their ships.

Environmentally Friendly Characteristics of Eco Golf Balls:

  • The Eco Golf Ball is made from wood.

  • Wood in its natural form is 100% biodegradable.

  • The Eco Golf Ball is safe to hit into fresh or salt water as it will biodegrade in both.

  • The Eco Golf Ball will float, and can be picked up and used over and over.

  • If the Eco Golf Ball is left in the sea it will degrade naturally within 3-6 months.

  • The Eco Golf Ball meets all MARPOL V regulations.

  • The Eco Golf Ball is approved by the United States Coast Guard to hit into the sea.

The Eco Golf Ball is slightly smaller than a regular golf ball with an exact diameter of 1.52 inches. Manufacturing Eco Golf Balls is a fairly simple process that begins by turning birch wood into balls. The balls are then placed into a one cavity die, which is anchored to a 20-ton press that presses the wood ball and gives the ball its dimples and accurate shape. The press is unlocked when the ball is complete and the die is opened. The Eco Golf Ball is removed from the die and inspected for flaws. It takes approximately 3 minutes to press one Eco Golf Ball. 

Eco Golf Ball Biodegradation Timeline

  • 24-48 hours: Balls float on the surface of the water.

  • 3-5 days: Balls begin to absorb water, becoming denser and subsequently sinking.

  • 30-90 days: Balls are consumed by micro organisms and return to compounds found in nature.

  • 120-150 days: Total degradation.

Join us for a luxury yacht charter onboard Motoryacht Sweet Escape and keep practicing your swing.

JUNE 2018