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Smart home features and the Control4 system allow Sweet Escape to provide the ultimate charter experience.

Motor Yacht Sweet Escape is fully equipped with an array of smart home features that make the charter experience notably relaxed, exceptionally comfortable and simply extraordinary.

Why did Yacht Sweet Escape incorporate smart home technology into the design?

A yacht charter vacation is an intimate experience for each guest. Charter guests live onboard for the duration of their vacation and they engage with the yacht’s spaces making it their home away for the length of the charter. As the professionally trained crew aim to please, they delve into the charterers’ personalities as early as possible with preference sheets, perhaps including their music favorites or movies themes, and the crew quickly get to know these preferences as if they have known the guests for years. The integration of smart home technology on Yacht Sweet Escape with Control4 allows for technology to be applied to improving the guests’ interaction with their surroundings. Smart home automation technology also gives the crew an edge for their charters by helping them meet and surpass charter guests’ expectations. Just as people use their phones or tablets to communicate, do business and for recreational purposes, Yacht Sweet Escape is taking it further by putting these familiar features into the yacht charter setting and at the fingertips of guests who wish to personalize their private charter vacation.

What Smart Home features are the most effective onboard a charter yacht like Sweet Escape?

Green Yacht Charter
Sweet Escape strives to be as green a yacht as possible. During the refit every light was replaced with LED fixtures and bulbs. With every light fixture or light bulb onboard being LED, the benefits started to show immediately. This was no easy task as there were hundreds of light fixtures which were so hot and consumed so much energy. Due to the excessive heat generated, the air conditioning struggled to stay at optimum temperatures. There was no insulation onboard, sound was an issue, and televisions were large and bulky. So much of this was improved during the refit! Current LED technologies create less heat, are energy-efficient and use less space. So a larger television can even be somewhat smaller than its older counterpart. Ultimately, we aim to consume less energy and create less pollution.

Programmed Lighting
After changing all the lighting fixtures—even the name board became LED—we added the modules necessary for the Control4 system. This is one of the stewardesses favorite features. They programmed various lighting scenes such as turn-down, reading, and daytime. 

The salon had a tray ceiling installed with a metallic-toned venetian-wax and a new product called Neon-Flex. Neon-flex features a uniform glow (unlike its led-rope predecessor) that enhances the soft metallic finish. An improvement which initially might go unnoticed, but it certainly makes a drastic difference to the ambiance and decor.

The use of programmed lighting extensively allows more work to be completed with ease, while minimizing the time the crew spends on these tasks and maximizing their results. The accent lights and lamps are integrated so they are controlled on the iPads, screens, or remotes. The exterior sapphire-blue led lights along the stairs and the dazzling name boards are integrated and also dimmable. All of the essential exterior courtesy lights can go on instantly from anywhere on the vessel. No need to run around and check what is on or off because the app displays the status of all the programmed lighting. So much time and energy saved! More time for the crew to indulge their guests.

The Somfy blinds are programmed in the system. Daylight can be followed to prevent heat transfer. The windows onboard Yacht Sweet Escape have been treated with a ceramic tint that also prevents heat exchange. As an added bonus, what do you do when there is daylight until 9 pm and you wish to create a formal, candle-lit, Venetian masquerade dinner party? With a blackout needed, You lower every blind with a touch of the keypad!

Automated Audio Visual

  • The discretely enclosed aft deck television conveniently emerges at the touch of a button.

  • The Fushion movie servers allow access to over 1,500 movies onboard. This upgrade resulted in phenomenally increased storage space upon removing the physical DVD library.

  • The visual and audio system was completely upgraded throughout the yacht and the addition of 7 point surround sound to the 70" television in the Salon is a real hit with guests. There is ample space on the sofa and additional swivel chairs so guests can gather round and enjoy so many options on screen.

Music and Roland Piano

The Salon features a Roland piano that can be heard on any speaker through Yacht Sweet Escape. Roland has preset music selections or it may be used with your preferred music via CD, (Dozens onboard) to create your own personal concert. There are 4 Bluetooth Sharebridge options so guests can play a number of different zones with their personal devices and music library, or use the Yacht’s selection. Control4 offers a myriad music options onboard Yacht Sweet Escape. The stewardesses can flood the yacht with the guests’ favorite music personalizing their time onboard. Guests can have a personal recital onboard with a number of local entertainers meeting the Yacht.

Safety & Communications

Yacht Sweet Escape features several state-of-the-art cameras strategically placed throughout the Yacht as not to invade on personal space or any guest activities but encompassing key areas, such as the engine room and gangways, allowing peace of mind and security at all times. 

The wall mounted keypads have intercom capabilities and guests may call a number of areas throughout the vessel, including other staterooms, the big guy aka Captain Paul, or the crew. Each stateroom and the main living areas have iPad Pros programmed with the Control4 app, making them personal and portable. The main areas also include traditional-style Control4 remotes for the tech-shy guests.

The crew of Motoryacht Sweet Escape aims to provide guests with the best charter experience possible and the technology onboard allows for the ultimate in bespoke guest service. 

Download Sweet Escape’s full specifications