First-time yacht charterers are often unaware that they will not be able to wear their shoes onboard their charter yacht. There is good reason for this rule, as the teak decks are easily marked and damaged by high heels, dark-soled shoes, and dirt can be carried onboard from land.

Etiquette dictates you should always remove your shoes before boarding the yacht, unless the Captain says you may leave them on. There's an unwritten rule that you avoid shoes with marking soles or heels as they damage the teak decks, and boat shoes, such as deck shoes, are the preferred footwear onboard. The crew spend long hours on their feet and can prefer to wear specific shoes as part of the uniform, but it is not uncommon to see them barefoot.

Yacht guests generally go barefoot while onboard, as when you’re walking on sun-warmed decks and deliciously silky carpets, barefoot is a luxury experience!

  • The crew will provide a basket either at the end of the gangway or outside the salon door for you to deposit shoes.

  • For those who prefer to wear shoes on the interior, you do have the option to bring a new pair of flat, pale-soled shoes strictly for use onboard.

  • If shoes are allowed on deck, keep in mind that they should be soft-soled “boat shoes”.

  • But don’t forget packing shoes altogether, as you’ll need nice sandals or flip-flops for shopping and strolling through exotic port towns, dress shoes and high heels for glamorous dinners ashore, and a pair of trainers or comfortable walking shoes for adventures ashore.



For the sole lovers who miss their stilettos, don’t worry! The Salon and Formal Dining room feature a pair of the most exclusive, well travelled soles!  And for the champagne lover, they are just your size!

Australian artist, Pamela Dale has practiced as a professional artist since 1984. Pamela has exhibited widely both in Australia and internationally (France, Holland, Japan). Yacht Sweet Escape has two pieces of her very unique art of “Champagne Shoes”. For this series of art, Pamela travelled throughout Europe, dined on local delicacies, and “sipped” on fabulous champagne. She purchased antique maps of the region that she was exploring, and used the labels of the champagne she drank or the delicacies she ate then she culminates her unique style of textile art.

"La Vie Du Poisson Champagne Shoe”-crafted with the Moet Chandon Imperial label with the blue and the Koi fish, the interior antique map is of Bordeaux and the Atlantic ocean. This mesmerizing piece of art, is apply mounted in the Salon, with it’s aquatic theme and tranquil hues.

“Fleur Du Printemps Champagne Shoe”- crafted with the Champagne Taittinger label with vibrant pink cherry blossoms and geometric design, the interior map is of the Île-de-France or Paris region. The art compliments the wine display in the immediate vicinity with perfection.

The team at Sweet Escape hope you brought your New Year in bare foot and your glass never empty! See you in The Bahamas before we head down to the Antigua Show and the Southern Caribbean for Christmas 2019!